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Private Prescriptions

Tollesbury Pharmacy can dispense all private prescriptions at a competitive price. Why not contact us today for a quote.

We offer a PRICE MATCH service if you can beat OUR PRICE tell us what price and who is supplying you, we PROMISE to beat that price, terms and conditions apply.

We specialise in the supply of desiccated thyroid hormones and can make supplies anywhere in the country against a valid legal UK prescription. Phone for details.

Desiccated Thyroid Hormone Medication Tablets

At MyChem as well as fulfilling your conventional NHS and Private prescription requests we also aim to provide specialist Information about thyroid hormone medication tablets, including interactions with foods, drugs and supplements, as well as the differences between the different brands of thyroid hormone medication tablets. When prescribed natural thyroid hormone medication tablets like Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid, it's important that you know how to take your thyroid medication tablets properly and that you understand how they differ from conventional synthetic thyroxine.

Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid

We can provide a broad range of thyroid medication including Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid. Desiccated thyroid drugs, including Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid,can all be supplied against a valid prescription signed by a doctor who is registered with the GMC. As a thyroid treatment and for thyroid hormone replacement in hypothyroid Patients, medication such as Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid should only be prescribed by a doctor who has experience of this drug and has the ability to measure your thyroid function, by means of regular blood tests.

Erfa Thyroid, Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid are all un-licensed PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICINES which can only be supplied by means of a valid prescription signed by a GMC registered doctor. Mychem Ltd do not endorse or make any recommendations for this medicine however are able to procure it for its customers against a valid prescription. If you need any advice about if the Thyroid hormone medicines are suitable for you speak to your GP in the first instance.

Thyroid Hormone Medication Tablets we provide:

  • Erfa Thyroid
  • Nature-throid
  • Armour Thyroid