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Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Friday, October 15, 2010
OMRON M2 BASIC blood pressure machine £14.99 whilst stocks last, normal RSP £44.99.
• Full size display with all parameters displayed at once
• Intellisense Technology for quick, comfortable and painless measurement: only pumps as high as necessary and adjusts during inflation
• Last reading memory
• One button operation: Pressing the large blue button is the only necessary activity to perform a measurement
• Indication if blood pressure value is outside the standard range for home measurement. Discreet information for the user
• Cuff size fits upper arm circumference of 22-32cm with medium cuff supplied
This fully automatic, well designed digital upper arm blood pressure monitor offers all functions that are necessary for comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure monitoring.

The M2 Basic now includes Intellisense™ technology to ensure that the right inflation pressure is automatically detected. The M2 does not inflate too high and avoids painful measurements whilst achieving the reading on first inflation.

For users who want to verify if their BP is in the recommended level of under 135/85 mmHg a little symbol is discretely lit indicating the measurement results are out of range if above this level. The device stores the last recorded reading.